Operator i'm calling long distance please
Charge it to my room, 7-0-2
Hello, baby, no, there's nothing wrong
You know me when i'm away from you.

You see a blue moon's hanging low outside our window
Uhm, and it's hard to sleep with all of those feelin's around
Ooh, if i had wings tonight you could imagine things
I never wanted you more than i want you right now.

Lookin' out at the city, it sparkles and it shines
But it holds no fascination compared to you
Save me some long nights and your wildest dreams
And all of your love and some of that moon.

Life may take me down a winding road
But nothing in this world can change my love
Forever you can believe you'll always be here with me
In the warmest private part of my heart.

Right here, in the warmest private part of my heart.
Right here baby...

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