You lay out you fool around and finally you lose her
All the lies and alibis will fail to move her
And now days you never know who's gonna blow your cover
You better start cleanin' house of all them flaws that love her

And I'm not talking about tomorrow I'm talking about today
You might get another chance with her if it ain't already too late
And who knows she might forgive you and if she does you better walk that line
You're gonna lose that soulful woman she's gonna be mine

You oughta know what goes on when she gets no loving
Nights alone don't make a home she'll go out looking
So stand by let it ride and when love starts fadin'
She'll walk on out the door and buddy I'll be waitin'

And I'm not talking about tomorrow...

A soulful woman such a soulful woman
She's a soulful woman and she's gonna be mine

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