You stick your fingers in your ears
So whats the use of speaking
We smile friendly to eachother again
Case closed I know this makes no sense

We should go to a place I heard about
It's called the wishing well
Let's bend over the edge and scream out loud
And wait for the echos to get louder

We should have known

I've got a secret in my head
It comes from the wishing well
Come closer, I'll whisper it in your ear
Before it leaves my head again

I guess that you wish me all the best
But that's not what it's all about
Let's touch the water down below
Drippin'down my face very slow

We should have known

A well is a hole in the ground
A wish is a hole in my mind
The sound of an echo is fading away
Unless your voice is loud enough

It's just another trick
To make it mine

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