I never knew you were standing on this shore
It says everything, explains everything
And then from then on it couldn't be just like before.
It says everything, changes everything.

So don't just stand there wishing? life would fade away.
Don't you go around with anyone that makes you feel ashamed.

Good and bad paradise.
I hope that someday you could try.
Good and bad just some change that you give it all away.
Goodbye, goodbye.

I saw your face in the faded light,
Said everything, explained everything.
It haunts all your days and it comes to you at night,
You did everything, blame anything.
But don't you cut those ribbons to take away the pain
And don't you go round with that same old crowd,
They make you feel ashamed

Goodbye paradise,
I hope there's something you could try
You're so changed that you'd give it all away
Goodbye paradise

The sea,
The majestic sea,
Breaks everything,
Crushes everything,
Cleans everything,
Takes everything
From me

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