4 Your Love

You, you were always on my mind
In my dreams most everytime
Since I knew you into deep
Hey, baby I'm not kind o? king
Who can buy you everything
But you can't leave me this way

Hey you guy, don't be blue
Don't waste time for someone new
If you want love, try my love
If you could see with my eyes
What goes on with a girl inside
When you tell me

Four your love
And my love oh oh
Four your love
And my love oh oh
Four your love

You changed the way I used to live
Cause you had so much to give
I can't believe that now it's gone
I am like ice under the sun
Like a bed that is undone
If you are not here loving me

I shouldn?t want to give you more
Cause I'm scared to fall in love
When you're touching me, holding me
If we are all alone
I feel love down to the bone
So I Won?t say, goodbye
Four your love...

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