Waiting at the starting line
for the signal gun
stadium is silent soon you'll
be on the run
through the window you see
the other cars in line
but if you keep it all cool you
win it all this time

Race car driver
what you're gonna do

Race car driver
they're catching up to you

Race car driver
can you feel the need

You hit the ground running and
now you're in first place
a guys on your tail but you
waste him round the first gate
but now another back on you
and he hits you with all
he's got
so you need press harder speed
it up yeah you need
it alot

The finish line is drawing close
you're at full speed
they've been coming up behind
you but still you've got
the lead
but what is this a challenge
now suddenly neck and neck
50 meters to go and now baby
you can't look back

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