Door slams, car starts, he's on the road.
She's left there sitting angry and alone
Thinking of what she should have said
Or maybe she should have gone to bed
Now his words are swirling around in her head.

He said and then she said
And then they both yelled together.
Neither one hearing or listening to the other
Words like I never and you don't understand
One word then another until the whole thing's out of hand.

But love's still there
It's just hiding in the dark cause it's scared.
Hang on to those feelings that you know are true
And remember that this person means everything to you.

Siren scream breaks through her dreams
She rolls to her right.
She realizes that he's still lost to the night.
She gets out of bed both worried and mad,
She prays that he's safe, her anger holds back her dread.

Door opens and in walks her baby
With a look on his face that says I'm sorry.
Now's not the time to play silly games
So you reach out your hand and he does the same.

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