I Love You

[chorus : 2x]
girl i love u (okay)
n i need u (aright)
i gotta have ya cause u my baby boo(whateva)

(now now now)
now sometimes u make me mad
n i wanna slap ur ass
but u kno i can not mash
do not mean to make u sad
girl u the best thing thats happened to me
cant u see what u mean to me?
i did not mean to yell
keep punch and make u bleed
remember what we used to be
remember what u did to me
u usta sex me so good
n all my boys could see
we usta hide in the back of the school
and u loved me up under the moon
now u want to sell our carz
just because u found the draw

u say u love me and u need me
but thats not the case
u talk about me to ur boys
then u smile up in my face

but baby wait
girl just think
about all the love we had

thats a mistake
boy u fake
now look u done made me mad
u could take back all ur clothes
and ur golden diamond rings

man dat ring cost me a g

nigga money aint a thing
no bling bling
i dont need it
already kno that u been cheatin

call me cryin on the phone
here goes sum change
go call tyrone

[chorus : 4x]

all my emotions, my emotions
ball of love, ball of love
im bout to self destruct

nigga u outta luck

but all dat pussy u missing
and see my dick n yo titties
all that sassiness aint happening
when it comes to this picture
this is my house
u in or u out
out n about wit all of ur friends
ho u wrong leavin me here
takin care of all these kids
all that liein, cheatin, all these niggas
phone numbers poppin in ur beeper

yeaaa girl u kno that i love ya
n i cant live without ya
u kno i wanna hug ya
n im always thinkin bout ya
girl u kno u complete me
im pleedin for u to stay
but u leavin me
but today u gon see me
i need ya so please believe me
now i sit reminiscin
posted up on the wall
since u not pissed off n bitchin
y dont u give me a call
im chillin here all alone you
wit ur girls on the phone
i want some sexual healin
or jus some beautiful dome

[chorus : 4x]

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