Pink Tee

Woman: Please tell me something, are you gay?
Man: No, not at all, i'm far from it,
Woman: So like, why do people feel like they you need they need to
keep re-enforcing that over and over?

yup in my pink tee(x3)

[repeat x4]
what in my pink tee
huh in my pink tee
yeah in my pink tee

[chorus x2]
i look fruity in my pink tee,
weird in my pink tee
people think that i go both ways in my pink tee,
i look sweet in my pink tee,
funny in my pink tee,
got a purple thong to go along wit ma pink tee,
no drawers wit my pink tee,
look lame in my pink tee,
fa'get a female, i get a man wit my pink tee,

step on the scene looking lame inna all pink shirt,
why i got this pink on, when im black like dirt,

all tha men flirt, i even got a pink hat,
girls wanna holla, but i dont want nunna that,
i want me a man with a pink shirt too,
so i kiss him on tha cheek and say thats my boo
how i wear a pink shirt and still feel like a man,
why i get arroused when i see killah kam,cause

[hook x2]
im fruity in my pink tee,
funny in my pink tee,
fa'get a female, i get a man in my pink tee,


this has been a PSA,
a public street announcement fa Shalanemy Guard(?),
no grown man should wear pink,
ya look stink,
pink is the color for newborn baby girls,
would you let your son wear pink?
if you own a pink shirt, take it in the backyard and burn it,
real men dont wear pink,
and if you like gettin some, next time you 'bout to get some,
see what color the inside of that some is,
that will show you, that pink is for..MEOW ((pussys))

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