[Chorus: x2]
Hoes on my nob,and I ain't got a job,I shine cause I grind, I ain't gotta steal and rob
I shine-I shine cause I grind,I shine cause I grind,I shine cause I grind,I ain't gotta steal and rob

[Verse 1:]
Okay,I shine cause I grind,and all I fuck is dimes
I broke the whole pound down and re'd up 4 times,
a street hustler,I gotta get it up any way I can
and keep my eyes on dem boys jumpin' out dem black vans,
I'm a man,get it right,cause I ain't playn'
six shots out the roof it'll make you feel what I'm sayn',
and these hoes be on my nob, like a motherfuckn' hand,
every fight,the Mariot, she let me beat it like a band.

[Verse 2:]
I never had to rob,I never had a job
they wouldn't hire me cause I was lookn' like a slob,
at school I was a fool,my grades was off the wall
was failin' every class so they wouldn't let me play no ball,
I started makin' beats,then hooked up wit these thugs
been grindn' everyday while steamn' away from sellin' drugs,
didn't have to steal no dubs or leave um' wit no pocket lint,
nigga I'm shinen' cause I'm grindin',I been shinen' ever since hoe.

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