Lost in the heart of cold
Powerless on the ocean of grief
I realiye once more the advent of the grim hour
I still sence death, the black death
Your rigid name is desolation
Your embrace is constant pain
Was I wrapped up
Under barren rocks in the desert?
Was I banished
To the womb of the underworld
Nobody saw, nobody heard
Nobody wished to see
Nobody wished to hear
In memory of time
In memory of joy

Before my eyes there is again an armory
At my foot there are brooks
With murmuring clear water
Stubbornly I wander ahead
Complaining of thirst and wounds from battles
As if I didn't want to see
As if I didn't want to hear

Time has come to cover one's sword in blood
Time has come to sound the battle cry!

Earthly vanity surrounds me
Forsooth a chasing for winds
There is nothing new under the sun
No green sprouts in the desert of life
Am I still a slave of emptiness?
Did I loose the fight that once I won?
Naked and disguisting I regard the dark reflection
Do I ask myself create my wondering?
Will I lie dormant
When the fight for existence draws the near?
My wish is to see
My wish is to hear

Scorned, whipped, left, killed
In truth I see the master of the domination
For me sacrificed
For you sacrificed
In memory of time
In memory of eternity

The bitter curse of grief goes to its final rest
The black mantle of death has fallen away and dissolved

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