And everything's alright
I'm gonna give you some love tonight
Go on and turn out that light,
You better get ready, better hold on tight

Go on and kick off your shoes, yeah,
Your tiedyed shirt, your trousers too
Well, I know you know what to do
Gonna make sweet love to you

There's something you gotta understand,
Nothing comforts me, me and my man
So tell me, darling, don't you feel the same
It seems to me though I'm playing games

Baby, won't you put your guitar down,
I've got what you need,
Stop fooling around
Don't get me wrong, boy, love that sound
But, honey, please won't you
Put your guitar down,
Hey, yeah...

You look so fine playing old Susie blue, oh,
I think you love her,

Wondering you know who
My fire's burning, so comfort me out
And won't you play me
And put your guitar down
I said won't you play me
And put your guitar down

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hmm...

And everything's alright
Get over here, hold me tight
Put your guitar in the corner,
Baby, do what you do
Susie's got the blues now that I've got you
Said Susie's got them blues
And I've got you
And I just want to make love to you,
I'm gonna make sweet love to you,
Yeah, oh,

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