Too many niggas talk hard then shit bricks when the beef hits
Fight night, where you? Behind another nigga like a eclipse
Real cats throw down while you hide your paws
You as soft as the gauze paramedics gonna wrap 'round your jaws
How you act up, don't back up your words just your nerve
In a room full of goons, you and your crew are hors d'oeuvres
Please, don't act like no killer if you ain't no gorilla
Real apes break limbs and your heart got sap flowing in it
Let me pull you off to the side so you get slapped for a minute
You plus a sort a nigga don't equal Popeye on spinach
Ooh, who told you that? That's for show lose (?) rap
I'll take my knuckles and make you a brand new hat
Look too hard for beef end up with a brand in your back
Take a stand or take the stand and say he did that
It's your choice my friend, this your voice my friend
That's done got you inside this predicament


Hold out your mouth buncha bitches and ho's
The realest of real niggas know how this goes
Talkin although like you control the scene
You're mean, but what does this mean?

Big mouth, e'ry right, e'ry fight a nigga there front door
It's the gatin' like Satan but facing no blows
You talk it but beat around the bush like a lez'
No Grandmaster Flash, never been round no ledge
So you beat on the girls, beat on your chest
But when she get tense a nigga be on his best
A bit of suspense a nigga be in his dress
See stress, you turning princess
(What do you do?)
Hate let people know you a tool
And Jonas brothers all rock harder than you
So you, cold front like the leader of cool
And a king in the legion of fools

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