[Verse 1: Deacon & Anetra]
The evil, the good, legal illegal what's hood
We see through people
But we don't look in ourselves like we should
We try to grow in the cold, too busy shoveling snow
That we tend to forget about the light
That's warming our soul

If you wanna be healed then you gotsta reveal the truth [x4]

Set your eyes on the sun (eyes)
What has brought you this far? [x2]

Is it clearer in the mirror when you look at your exterior,
In fear of ya interior voice
Some whos the one with good game that cook caine proper
And offer it up to junkies as a choice
Seems to whisper to sistas to switch they mista
Simply to get that financial support
Then turn and make that same supporter beat em and
Mistreat em and leave em after breaking em for the sport
Got a married man licking his lips at ladies of leisure
Loins feelin the fever, rather cheat her than leave her
Love his money too much so it's cheaper to keep her
Cause she's a Teenage Love like beepers and reefer
Ain't nobody on this earth been perfect since birth
Sinning and doin the erk and jerk in Church
Then the next minute be back to puttin in work
Jumpin into them holes not lookin in first

[LaDonna Young:]
If you wanna be healed
Then you gotsta reveal the truth [x4]
Reveal the truth
Reveal, Reveal, Reveal the truth
You gotta reveal the truth, reveal the truth,
Reveal the truth
You, you, you gotta reveal the truth


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