I flew over the night, so I'll do home
for the tour
Down through the clouds the land beneath
Or coverage and green

** Fly me on my way home,
I've been away for so long
Spinning on my way home,
I've missed you for so long

Sats back watchin' the film
Don't ask me what's It's was foot,
For all my foots were away
with people I knew
They net things aver there like speak
a lip with strange
With all I found the some before
with people like me
( ** Repita duas vezes )

They said I might survive whereas
others might died
Stay in your roam after dark don't
venture outside
I'm glad I'm comin' home back to the ways
which are known
Even though I'm glad I've seen I'm comin' home
(*** Repita três vezes)

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