I bet you sometimes wondered
what was standing right behind you
keep looking over your shoulder
to see if it's there
the solemn churchbell pealing
some Mephistiphelean stealing
quite along through the night
to hide under your bed

Don't ring for a taxi
don't call a policeman
don't send for a doctor
he'll just give you pills
don't hide in the cellar
you may not believe it
it's probably friendly
just alone like you

So if you get lonely
just think of the summer
and swimming in sky-blue
drift your mind away

You run upstairs and lie there
waiting for the floor to creak and
somthing comes
up the stairs
the time has come to wonder
who could be the owner of that
cold clammy hand
that's exploring the end of the bed

So when the next time comes
you feel you're being followed by a
ghoul with a highly intelligent flair
for a bet
just turn and lead it by hand
and take it home and tell it
tke it home and tell it
take it from me that you need all the
friends you can get
But I keep looking over my shoulder
to see if I'm there
"Oh, when I was a little Ghost,
A merry time had we!
Each seated on his favourite post,
We chumped and chawed the buttered toast
They gave us for tea

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