I'm laying my eyes over you, sweet man I'm breathin' so loving hard on you
And I've got the quivers for you, mister,
Oh, oh, oh, I can't hold myself quite together.
with you struttin' your stuff 'round, makes me feel like a two-bit girl,
Can't get my fill of you, with me so poor,
for the thrill of you, stop, I want more.

Honey, take me for what I am,
I'm a woman on a one night stand.
Honey, pay no mind to who I am.
Oh, I can hear the others talkin', sayin' I'm easy prey,
That's okay babe, it's just my way,
Make no mistake sweet thing, I hate to let you go.

And don't think I'll cry for you honey after tonight, when goodbyes are due
There's no hands and knees for me mister,
It's only a game, we're playing all for free,
So come on and take me, let's have some fun with it,
You're playing for keeps, that gives me the creeps,
You should lay your lovin on the line, I want more.

Come on now, honey, take me for what I am,
I'm a woman on a one night stand ...

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