Search the infinite
Begin at the end
On the first lies the infinite
Of the first springs to eternity
I'm the second one to tells his glory
A world of power raises in all his glory

Dessicate the messenger
The essence of all our knowledge
The forge is a weapon that may not sail
Through the shining of the night burn!

Every light has its flame
And all the world who will blame
For this number will reign on mercy
To the ones who ask in vain

Four is the number of the only one
One to persist, for me and you
Tears and desists the fall down on me
Seven is the perfect symmetry

Purge of the liberty, bear the blessed
And here I come, with the plethoral order
Learn the liberty, the voices sound
The nightshade

All bow down to the living worlds
And to ??? words
Five, six, seven, eight
Here are the verbs for you

Blood of nine, come shine on terror
On the changings of the magic world
Cannot tell the ??? innocent, here I am
Anarchy, heirachy, blood of death, blood of life

The Seven will bring us chaos and ruin
And the waken guards the truth
I'll succumb before your life is done
And I shall steal all the world

Search the infinite
Begin at the end

Blood of nine angles

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