shout out - shout out.
stand out - out from the crowd.
you're back in school, that's no place to be.
wanna rip up the streets, ya gotta be free.
too much pressure hangin' over your head, all these rules, ya feelin' like you're dead.
shout out, ya just wanna, wanna shout out.
stand out, ya just gotta, gotta stand out.
they know all the trouble is comin' from you.
'cause all the wild things you love to do.
don't take your time, time will pass you by.
time for action - now.
don't you wonder why.
get up now, an' onto your feet get up now an' feel the heat. feel the movement, in the street.
get up now, 'cause there is no, no, no retreat.
yea, there is no, no, no retreat.

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