(Verse 1):
Told me he's leaving and I won't even see
'Til he crawls back in the bed late in the morning
Not even speaking, but I know how he's feelin
Nigga schemin on how to make that money
He's a provider
He swear to god he made
A promise and he cross his heart
Do anything for me
But I want him to be all he can be

Yeah I know you heard it all before
But listen to it again
Just when you think you're going through it all alone
Ya open your eyes, see where I stand

It's a big, bad world outside
I know, I deal with it too baby
And you need someone (one) by your side (your side)
I understand, do what you gotta do and
Hustle real hard, hustle hustle real hard
Hustle real hard, hustle hustle real hard
(Gotta hustle hard)
Hustle real hard, (hard hard) hustle hustle real hard
( Hard) And I'll be right here when you're through

(Verse 2):
Let me be your second win
Who you runnin to
Didn't I tell you I'll be in it for forever
If you need me (need me)
Boy believe me
Nothing can come between you and I
Lives for his name
He's trying not to show his pain
Proud, so he wants to keep it from me
But what he can't see
I know exactly what he's gonna be



(Oh I, oh I) I'll be waiting for you
(Oh I, oh I) 'cause no one understands like I do (lik I do)
Feels like it's you against the world, but I understand
I'm here to share the weight with you, baby take my hand
You can lean on me when you need me
Just look around, I'm here baby
I'm here baby

(Chorus, 2x)

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