Kon Artis]
haha, yea, Mr. Porter(D-Twizee)
that's right muthafuckas we back, say it(D-Twizee)
You know we came it fuckin came up right? come on(D-Twizee)
say it again yo(D-Twizee)
I'm sick of niggas all loud with they half ass talk
like we some hoes or something like our heat don't spark
We ain't Royce muthafucka we don't speak in vain
we don't act like we street, we don't not say names
we don't ask Em to book us to do and get a deal
and turn our back on him when he need his boys for real *echoes*
you got dropped by everybody i know
Goon Sqwad, AWOL, and a couple of hoes SO *echoes*
that's neither here nor there dawg
his first video was shot up in NY yall
is this nigga the king of detroit
or the king of gettin his ass whipped and left by his boys
(I heard his crew was hot) is you serious dawg?
D-Elite? I ain't even gonna speak on yall
yall ain't worth it, half of your boys wear turbans
and Cha Cha's a toss up nigga, keep on purpin
I wanna see that lil nigga Tre one up
I fight him with one arm, tell Peter put the gun up
I don't need it, I'm swift on my feet
With no orthepedics, tell Kino to stop pagin me
when I'm not need this you like Ja Rule
takin ecstasy and speakin out the side of your neck nigga
you need to retract statements you made you reject
You act like you from the D
but you from Mo Peak
you ain't hard you need to put that ass
I know you wish you
was Jay-z, 50, D-Twizee
bitch but you ain't so

[Kon Artis]
yo ????? got him a deal
how can he right now?
I ain't seen D12 ass around
That's Ryan Montgomery
thinkin out loud
with rhinestones in his doo rag
you tough dawg WOW
so what? your father taught you how to box
you didn't say that shit when Goon Sqwad hit the spot
{nigga left the way nigga} D-Elite yall niggas ain't tough guys
ask Guv i beat yo ass with some bean pies{you know it, I know it}
so what if Journalist is your cousin?
who gives a fuck bitch my band is Dirty Dozen{WHAT?}
or Runyan Ave will put 2 in your face(BOW!)
put the ketchup case don't make me have to run up in sudden place
is it our fault you a fake LL?
D12{D12!} the reason your lil record won't sell{7 thousand copies nigga}
Marshall made your hood, gave you a million in cash
goddamn, didn't you wanna get wall street tight on his ass?
King of Detroit, aww so sweet
??? heat with your ass beat in the middle of the street{FUCK THAT}
hahaha....and they through your chain back at you nigga!{TAKE THAT SHIT BACK NIGGA}
from all your battles? hahaha, I know you know...but your brother do!

I ain't even gotta say shit on this track nigga
you ain't the king of Detroit, you a hoe ass nigga
you from oak park nigga, fuck you, fuck the D-Elite
fuck little ass Tre!
Bo Little, nigga, all yall muthafuckas
you know what im saying? you can't fade us
and you mad cuz we made you
you ain't make us, we D12 nigga
until we die! nigga, you ain't from Detroit
so you a muthafuckin lie! what?
Haha...don't fuck with us nigga...haha

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