Well we finally made it home,
From a four week battle out on the road
Amazing shows,
Overshadowed by inflated egos

I never thought I'd hear myself say that,
I'm just happy to be home again
But I still know,
Being back will get old
But I still know,
I'm raring to go

It's just so hard to adjust
Back to a normal life
Everything's been taken from me
Depending on my best friends to survive
I wouldn't change a single moment
The train wreck I call my life
I'd make all the same sacrifices
To see kids that scream the words I write

I never thought that we'd be here
Can only hope that
You still care

So turn the stereo up and drive
We'll meet you there
It's just one more day
And all I've got to say,
Is that you guys,
Are all I need

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