Something has got to change because this isnt real.
& i know that you cant possibly know how i feel.
Time & Time again you let me down
now why am i your friend.
This time it ends.
Lets not pretend.

Everything you say is bullshit & i hate you.
Will you look me in the eyes
when i smack you down to size.

Here we go again lets hear it for my best friend.
What can i say you dont deserve that girl anyway.
I should take her from you so you know how it feels to be betrayed
I dont need you.
But you still call me.
You're so pathertic
I hate your face.

Now i wish that i had never even met you.
A year wasted with you I feel so empty.
& now you ask me if ill be there for you next year.
Today I dont care I dont care

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