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It seems like overnight, the town of Red River
Was suddenly full of strange men
Who wore suits in the summer
And stood on the dirt roads, trying to hold their maps in the wind
And some of them smiled, and some of them didn?
And none of them came back again
After 5 generations of Rock Country Wilsons
The last 50 acres, apparently they didn? mean a damn thing to them
I stood on the hill, overlooking Red River, where my momma and her momma
And listened to the growling of the big diesel cat, as they tore up the
wood?where I played
And I said Momma forgive me, but I?almost glad, that you? not here
After 5 generations of Rock County Wilson?
see the last 50 acres in the hands of somebody that would actually blow
it away
You know the Bus station, in the town of Red River
Used to be the general store.
But now they got a new one. And you know that?ok, if a bus is what
you? looking for
So early one morning, When the sun becomes red, I got up with the dawn
After 5 generations of Rock County Wilson?
The last one just climbed on a big gray dog???.And was gone????

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