In a bombed out room in belfast
A young boy is crying
He's alone and he don't understand
How the teachings of one book
Built on love and understanding
Could cause the hurt and killing in his land

In an old part of jerusalem
Two children are playing
They run and laugh the way it's meant to be
But one will wear the star
And one will wear the crescent
And they'll grow up and change from friends to enemies

But we are one
Flowers of one garden
We're one the leaves of one tree
Let the walls come down
And stand here together
We are one family

In a pakistani village
A young boy on crutches
Takes a fall and lies helplessly there
And he holds out his hand
But no one will take it
They won't touch him or the clothes that he wears

On a side street in selma
A black child is sitting
In a squad car protected from the whites
'cause they're burning a cross
To send her a message
And you can see the fear in her eyes

Ponder in our hearts
How we were all created
From the same dust, same dust
And searching we will find
That spirit of the age
Has come to find us, to find us


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