My new friends are looking out for me
And i'm doing just fine
Everything is how it ought to be
But we both know that's just a lie

I hear things are going well for you
You're out there having a blast
But if it's somehow not ringing true
Know that i still want you back

Home, won't you come home
Back to the place where you belong
I need you home
So we're not alone
No one remembers who was wrong
I don't care where you've gone
Just come back home

Now looking down this empty hallway
You're still here in the frames
I see your face on every stranger that walks by
And i swear, i hear you call out my name

And now i've watched the leaves changing color for the second time
Am i getting closer to you
Or am i running blind
I'm moving through at last backwards
Just to meet you at the start
I can't tell if i'm together
Or just falling back apart

Just falling back apart

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