Yo, yo, i'm intro-ducing....
Big it up now!
Freek! kenzie! rocky! tommy! krazy! wicked....strider! spike-e! melo-d! flava! reepa....
Yo... and the cheesemeister himself.....
The chong darius!

(chorus - darius)
I'm oozing cheese
So touch me please
I'm oozing cheese
So soothe me please
Workin' all the girlies in the house
Love flashes before my eyes
Oooh i'm oozing cheese!

Cheesy smells and sexy sights
Sexy smells and cheesy sights
Rad tops and laddered tights
Laddered tops and rad tights


My lips are broken
His fucking token
Won't last a second in my eyes
The cheese oozes
The girls are floozies
Dancing and getting high as i (coughs) rise!


Whoa, wha'-wha'-wha'.....

The blazers and the daz
Feelin' da girls out on da razz
Work your stuff bitch work the tits
Transvestites in identity fits
We're rockin' rockin'
We're talkin' talkin'
The butters bat and her cutters cat
Rap and twist and launch out the hat


(chorus 2 - blazin' squad)
Cheese in da air
Sex in my brains
Feelin' da booty
It's starting to rain
I got da, booty booty looty looty booty looty

(chorus 2 to fade)