I want to be somebody.
I feel like I'm nobody.
I want to get inside out,
For all to see.

I want them all to love me.
If I only have just one dream,
It's that I find and know
Just who I be.

So I thought I'd take some time,
Sit and have a smoke and just unwind.
Release the thoughts that plague my mind
Take it all the way slow.

Won't you join me too?
There's some lovely things that we could do.
Come on now sit down take off your shoes
Take it all the way slow.

How do I celebrate me?
Reveal the truly great me.
Oh and turn the tide song by song.

Let go of wondering if they'll feel me,
Just let me get through to the real me.
If I trust this heart I know I can't go wrong.


Oh celebrate this moment of quiet.
No more stressful voices in my ears.
Let me give myself this vacation.
A time to relax before I face all of my fears.

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