How do I anticipate
What I need in my relationship
With you?

How do I never hesitate
When I'm afraid and don't understand
What to do?

Oh this aching want to know,
Where's the love I have to show?
I'm not always positive
How to share the truth that seems so hard to give.

I want to Get down to this loving
And never ever be afraid
Never worry about what's coming
Just let our hearts lead the way.

I want to get down to this loving
And never ever, ever stop.
Never stop sharing it all with you.

Verse 2
I wanna feel like I can say anything,
And understanding me is always what
You'll choose.

I know I, I'm not a perfect man and
Sharing my imperfections
Is so hard to do.

Verse 3
Why do I even think at all.
Just share the truth and let the chips fall
Sometimes being me is so hard to do.
But I just gotta show you, show you...
Me so I can.

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