Promise me love
Because you got, got what I want.
And I?m just so wrapped up in you,
Want to wrap you up in me too.

Thinking about the ways of love,
And what we love to share.
Just look at us so drawn to each other
Without a care.

You?ve got the loving and you?ve got the power.
I?m so yours it?s a shame.
But there?ll never be a good situation
If you don?t feel the same.

You give me so much love,
You make me want to do right.
Take me away your touch it brings heaven
Into my life.

Clear away all that?s extra.
Let?s recognize the truth.
We could be lovers working together.
Let?s make it true.

Why Can?t you just tell me how you feel?
How can you hold back when it feels so real?
If you?re down, please let me know.
Because I want it all from the time you say go!

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