You bring out the wild in me.
Ooo you've got me feeling everything.
No more pretense of control
I'm open down to my soul
Itchin' now what do I do?
All my desires that were secret
Now are open to me
What have you got me into.
Hot it's so hot because of you.
You've broken in and stole my heart.
I've got to tell you I'm so grateful honey.
These lights are giving me the highest charge.
Let's get into all that I'm diggin'
You bring out the wild in me.
You got me feeling everything.
You bring out the wild in me
You got me feeling
I don't ever want to get over being open.
I've happily lost my mind.
Floating on this psychedelical haze.
We're having such a good time.
Ooo with just a touch and I'm yours.

You've got me feeling like I do.
Touching all my dreams, my dreams come true.
Living in the moment so alive.
Living unafraid I love this high.

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