Well we grew up way down south with a lot more time than money
But we didn't waste it watching that old energizer bunny
It was boys and girls in four by fours parking side by side
Pickup trucks all steamed up from lovers wrapped up tight

Redneckin' all night long redneckin' dusk till dawn
Do we love it man I reckon ain't nothin' better than redneckin'

I planned a Friday fishing trip with old man Jones' daughter
He don't know and won't be told the hook never hit the water
We spread mama's homemade quilt beneath a Georgia pine
For a backwoods boy and a country girl it was homemade loving time

Redneckin' all night long...
[ guitar - fiddle ]
When it comes to love we know our stuff we've had some ups and downs
We may be from the country but we know how to go to town

Redneckin' all night long...
Redneckin' all night long...
There ain't nothin' better than redneckin'

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