There was a time I thought I had the world by the tail
But on that night I let you go I can't believe how far I fell
At first your leaving didn't hurt me at all
But now I've had time to have second thoughts

That's what I get for thinkin' I was so smart
For listening to my head instead of my heart
Now I sit alone by this silent phone I thought would be ringin'
Now that you've left where does that leave me
Without you here I'm in misery
Girl that ain't where I thought I would be that's what I get for thinkin'

I'll show you that's what I said I'll let you walk before I crawl
But it looks like you showed me cause I'm still waiting on your call
It only hurts when you cross my mind
But lately I'm thinking of you all the time

That's what I get for thinkin'...

Oh girl I thought you'd come back to me that's what I get for thinkin'

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