On a park bench the old man sat and stared into yesterday
I sat down beside him said thank God for this quiet place
Between the wife and the kids the TV and the phone
Seems there's something always going on
He said son if you think this is quiet you should follow me home

You ain't heard nothin' yet
Till you've lived in a house by yourself
When silence is all you've got left
In the rooms where your babies have slept
So don't wish for something you will regret
Cause you ain't heard nothin' yet

The old man kept talkin' paintin' pictures from his memories
Did he drag out his past for himself or was it for me
His eyes came alive he spoke of dancing with his wife
And playing ball with his two little boys
He said son what I remember as music you're calling noise

You ain't heard nothin' yet...

We'll all rest in peace on that you can bet
Oh you ain't heard nothin' yet

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