Yo, yo, yo
Yeah, yeah

Chorus: (x2)

It's the rap scholar, here to make a dollar
Try an' follow, guaranteed to make ya holler
Check it out.......

Verse One: Dray, Skoob

Aiyo, straight out the blue, comin thru, 1-2, with the rhyme
Diggy-Das, Redman bout to shine
Drop the grammo, heavy ammo, got the stammo
bought my gango for the whammo, book em Danno
I shine like a blue bee, who me? You be
Skirts wanna do me, pursue me, ooohwee
In factually, guaranteed to keep it live
Gotta win first prize, yo Boogie Bang wont'cha drive

A biggity-black Range Rover, now move it over so I can hang em
and boom bang em, I gets paid for droppin slang
I'm the, rap veteran, it's time to take your medicine
I cam to catch wreck (wreck), kid, what you expect? (expect)
I lay this flow then they pay me doe
Now everywhere we go it's on the radio
But yo, I'm not a show off, I come to drop the flow off
and make sure the top blow off, it's how I go off

Chorus (x2)

Verse Two: Redman

Aiyo, it's the rap scholar, hot around the collar
Pack a blaka-blaka, since I was a toddler
Drama, the nine-seven nigga Madonna
Reptile texture be the blood of an iguana
Sick, dick about nine inch thick
I make a fo'-twenty Benz-o look like a six
First of the month I got the bundles for the wick
My hands big as a catcher's mitt when I brick
sucker MC's who did not learn
If you don't this time, from coast to coast I'm
the Dark Ranger, call me Don Punanna
So hot, my chewing gum flavor's enchiladas
You can tell, I don't give a fuck
Deliver the cold to the place that shiver the a-richter
Fuck you and the ship you came on
While you sit around bitchin I get my bangs on

Chorus (x2)

Verse Three: Dray, Skoob

I'm back with my rap forte, okay, no way
Tryin to get away with murder like OJ
Rappers better throw their rhymes in the garbage like trash
You come around here you get mashed
like potatoes, because I hate those, oh lord yes
Shorty in a dress lookin like she tryin to get blessed
What's this? Tapped ya on the left breast
I guess I need a rest to giggity-go and handle my biz, yes

Yeah, yo, yo
I'm feelin tipsy off the potion, slow-motion coastin
Roastin in the corner just postin
up, drinkin liquor out the cup
That's when I struck my luck and saw shorty with the strut
but, she look scandalous, maybe from Los Angeles
I knew that I could handle this no matter what the challenge is
Miss, what's your name and your game?
If you let me in your brain then I'ma knock it out the frame

Chorus (x2)

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