From a hill I look down at the lights of a town
That lured me and trapped me a while
But I broke away now I'm on my way
So happy carefree like a child
Headed for my big country

Well I need lots of room so I'll follow that moon
Driftin' there in the star-studded sea
Over trails that are strange to that far mountain range
Where the tall timber beckons to me out there in my big country

There's someone out there and I know that she cares
The big country holds all my dreams
With a love that I know pure as new fallen snow
And as fresh as a cool mountain stream
Well I can hardly wait till I stand at the gate
Oh I've been away now so long
When her arms open wide and I step inside
I'll be home and that's where I belong
Out here in my big country

[ piano ]
There's someone out there...

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