Well ol' truck this is our farewell to the road I guess we're both out of style
I could sell ye but I don't need the money you sure don't need the miles
That doctor says I gotta get off the road he tells me my eyes are sick
And they won't let you run when you get too old that windshield gets too thick
We made many a run together ol' truck sometimes when I had me no help
I think I slept right behind that wheel you just kept driving yourself
Hey we had some swingers ol' timer like that gal from Tennessee
She rode with us pretty near six hundred miles ha that seat was warm for a week
Oh yeah I gave that radio on to Jim Smith you know that sure was a dandy thing
I'm gonna miss Ralph and Mike and Bill and all them boys
And hearin' them country people sing
And everytime I shave I see that scar that I picked up in Abilene
That gal was about as pretty as a summer night
But that boy that was with her he was awful mean
Well ol' timer I gotta be goin' and I'll drink to you down at the bar
You know it's gonna take me a month or two to get used to drivin' this car
Now this lot is yours as long as you want it and I'll see you every two or three weeks
And maybe this just ain't the proper thing to say but here's hopin' you rust in peace

(Farewell to the road farewell to the road)

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