Look who's here it's you Mr Gloom
I didn't invite you but you're here in my room
You know I don't like you for the things that you do
You're nothing but trouble for your name's Mr Gloom

You're a thing called heartache with much misery
You came with the friends and each stole her from me
You appear in all sizes you sing her real hurtin' tune
You cast a great shadow you're bad news Mr Gloom

For you sure caused a lot of trouble
I got you instead of her with me
Oh how I wish I had a double
So he could share this misery
Well here we are you and me Mr Gloom

You've played your part so get out of my room
You know you're not welcome for this is my doom
I'd rather have nothing than you Mr Gloom
I'd rather have nothing than you Mr Gloom

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