Dreams is screaming demons hearing death whispers hello
My shell's strong, my soul's green lantern wearing yellow
Hello week a hell week pledging for heaven state
I got a knife to say tin
Swimming in hell's lake
Fire ire wiz saying calls within criss miss
My hood but of that, white man named bill good and my sexing
It's like rumble telling sound wave it's time for my ejection
Obama want election but my folks still suffering
My friends popping pills but the thangs ain't buffering
Man it's hard for a pimp mama burped
Me from my ass instead of boy used to shit
But she squeezed before i dip but trip a small from a glitch
She said you feel me?
Yeah i like your senses
Ma look up in fresh, time for me to do self
Like georges for the jerkin,
I try suicide but the gun wouldn't work,
Bang it's the same damn thang,
The boys clubs whosing while they build the peer of change
Look at your pinky [?] the souls on the main
Yeah we really volunteered souls on the hand
But i'm from mississippi where you let your nuts hanging
Where the white folks let my ass justice do the same,
Damn, damn, damn, damn.

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