So you say youíre all alone
Youíve been left out on your own
No one sees you on your knees
And Jesus is just make-believe
Well brother I have been there too
Iíve been broken and Iíve been used
But He has never left my side
His love is deep and it is wide

Oh, there ain't no mountain high enough
To escape the Father's love
Even rivers will not flow where He's told them they can't go
He is everywhere above and below
Oh, there ain't no ocean wide enough
That can keep you from His care
You see I know cause I have tried
You can run but you can't hide
Because He's already there.

I know your tears must fall like rain
I won't pretend to know your pain
So where is God you shake your fist
If He is love then what is this
Well sister, I have doubted too
That it's too good to be true
But as sure as the sun is gonna shine
He is always right on time.


Before you call His name
Before you shed a tear
Before you knew Him
He was reaching out to you
So take a step of faith cause help is on the way
Hold on, hold on
He's gonna lead you through!

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