Like a drama unfolding, the curtain was opening
An audience of angels was holding its breath
A census, a manger, two travel worn strangers
The stage was finally set

Angels folded their wings at the throne, worshipping
As God whispered, "I love you, my Son."
Jesus took off His crown and laying it down
Said, "Father, Thy will be done."

The time had now come for God's only Son
To be born as a light in a dark, lonely place
So He stepped from Heaven's hall to Bethlehem's stall
Where a star lit His newborn face.

Then God called to Gabriel with gladness and tears
"Play the trumpet, the horns, and the strings
Tell the shepherds, and the wise men and all who will hear
Command all the angels to sing
Fill the sky with your voices and sing!"

Joy, joy to the world
Praise to the King
Oh, let it ring
Joy, joy to the world
Worship and sing
Jesus has come to bring…

Repeat Chorus

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