You know it ain't about the money
Or the power
Or the fame
It's not about a great position
It's not religion
It's not a game.
"Take up your cross and follow me"
was not a guarante
That the road would not be rough

So you ask me, what's the big attraction
Peace, love, hope, satisfaction
It's a complete chain reaction
Peace, love, hope, satisfaction.

I've heard the stories of the narrow road
Some say it's a heavy load
And the way is steep
I've been there I can testify
The vows of sacrifice are hard to keep
But still I choose to turn the other cheek
And to wash my brother's feet
And to give myself away.

When I'm trapped inside His freedom
And I'm lying on the altar
And the last part of myself has been crucified
When I'm wearing all His riches
In the ashes of my will
I am clean, I am whole, I am satisfied

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