The angels got together in the great throne room
Thought they'd pass some time by pickin' a tune
Michael on guitar, raphael on mandolin,
And gabe, he was the leader on the old violin
I think it was an elder said, "whatcha gonna play?
Amazing grace or how 'bout happy day.
The strings were all tuned and they were tappin' their feet
But just when they were ready to play the first beat
God walked in the room and a hush filled the air
Gabriel put down his bow and moved down to second chair

It's not a bill that's up to be voted on
It became a law when he wrote it in stone
Number one in the list of his big ten
When he came to earth he said it again
It's been the same way since the beginning of time
So don't be fooled into thinking that it's not a crime
He made it plain and clear it's not a rhyme or a riddle
God don't play second fiddle

I once knew a man that was climbin' the ladder
His portfolio was all that mattered
He made lots of cash didn't give much away
His very best friend was his cpa
A beautiful wife, two girls, and a boy
But his ira was his pride and joy
His own net worth became divine
At the alter of his bottom line
But then the market turned and his bank account ran dry
Betrayed by his money-god he just hung his head and cried

No compromise. No way that he'll concede.
If he's gonnna play at all
It's just got to be the lead
So let him play

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