When you're mad at the world, and it's mad at you,
and you can't get it right, no matter what you do.
And they say that you're lying, when you're telling the truth,
they won't be able to deny me, I'll bring the proof.

Just as sure as the morning comes after the night,
there can't be no darkness in the presence of my light.
The moon forever pushes the tide,
that's how I'll always stay by your side.

Do what you do, I got your back.
Just me and you, I got your back.

When you're ready to give up and you just wanna cry,
when you just want a break, and the world won't let you slide.
The harder they come, the harder we'll try.
Just rest assured that I'm on your side.


When your back's against the wall, you know who to call.
WHen they are trying to hold you down I'm gonna take you high.
Nobody's gonna do you wrong, I'd love to see'em try.
You're everything I'm living for cherie amour, you're mine and I'm yours.

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