She weeps silently, but I hear her
She screams ever so loudly, without making a sound
She slips into her dreams. I am near her.
A smile creeps to her face for in slumber pleasure abounds.

I swore on my honor to never bring harm
to this dying angel sleeps in my arms.
I promise the morning, the sun, and the stars

But it's all the same.

She falls slow like a feather into my gaze
and wonders out loud in the voice of a child
if she'll ever be free from the chains and problems
that keep her earthbound and inside a cage.

I promise her soul's liberation, if she'll just leave it to me.


She is out of her mind
She don't know which way she is going.
She only knows where she wants to be.
She's suspended in time.
Her impatience ever growing
But I know that she deserves to be free

Chorus 2X

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