She rocked me back and forth until I quit crying
Then she looked into that baby face of mine
and in an angels voice, she sang this lullaby
until my slumber carried me into the night

"I'm grateful for these moments with you, child
I know you're only mine to borrow for a while
and then one day, soon you need to crawl away
It's in your nature; Its just how we were made
I will still be loving you"

She wished for us a normal family life
but four of us became my brother, she and I
Times were hard for us but somehow we got by
She was fearless through her tears and sacrifice

I grew up much faster than she must’ve liked
but when she knew that she taught me wrong from right
she said "go on, I know you need to move away
Childhood is manhood slightly delayed
I will still be loving you"

So I left home to try and find my way
Like a blind man feeling his way through a maze
To love and lose befriend but not to betray
because the things you taught inform how I behave
In my darkest hours when I am afraid
or I'm not sure that I can take another day
I remember the one promise that you made
"If the whole world shuts you down it'll be okay
cause I will still be loving you"

Now that I'm a man I realize
what a gift it's been to have you in my life
Your spirit is young although your body is tired
soon for good you'll have to close your eyes
with the years around your body like a weight
I guess that too is just how we are made
so when the angels come to carry you away
may they whisper in your ears my serenade
I will still be loving you

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