I would have given my world to see
You deliver the jailer's key
I'd give you the credit
And take what went wrong

I would have given most anything
To see your lips move but hear me singing
If you would have opened your mouth
And spit out my song

Lover you're forgiven
You have suffered for long enough
They're holding their breath
And I'm calling their bluff
Our love is strong enough

If there were ever a movie made
That outlines my life in some modest way
Line for line note for note and page by page
I'd hope that who ever played your part
Would feel my remorseful and heavy heart
They would open their mouth and unyieldingly say


Instead you held the key over my head
And just out of reach
Till any love that used to be
Got wasted on the need of me
To feel as though I could be free
'cause I'm not your asshole I'm not your thief
I thank the lord that I finally was released

Lover you're forgiven
We've both suffered for long enough
We all held our breath
But we couldn't call their bluff
'cause our love wasn't strong enough

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