Can you tell me what is causing this natural phenomenon
This field that seems to be shaped like an octagon
And this valley seems to mirror itself perfectly
A symmetrical receptacle just for me
And can somebody tell me why I'm feeling like this
When me and her seem to be dynamic opposites
I need to categorise I need to give it a name
I have a need to label things that I can't explain
It could be fibonacci's number
It might be fibbonacci's number
A friend of mine took an all inclusive holiday
To see the seven wonders of the world
A package a pilgrimage fourteen days to try and forget about
This girl drinks were free and sights historic
With a guaranteed deal that you would feel euphoric
He said it made him feel so insignificant
And he's given up his job as a civil servant
And he said I'm going up or going under
I'm going out to see fibonacci's number
Who is this fibonacci anyway?
Where does he hang out what does he do all day
And how can he know all the answers?
This fibonacci sounds like he's a chancer
But I take his number down in any case just
So I can speak to him face to face just
So that I can tell him thanks for filling out the blanks

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