Heard you say that no one
Seems to care about you
It's in your eyes
You think that lifes unfair to you
Just give it all you got my friend
Just give it all you got, it's not the end

Cause you outta know
There's a reason for these changing seasons
God only knows how much your heart can bear
So don't you let go
Everybody has their up and down times
Everybody needs to know how much they're loved
My friend, so hold on, it's not the end

As I remember, everything you touch
Will turn to gold, you held a secret
To make your grandest dreams unfold
You were the very best of us all
But the sun that rises still falls

(repeat chorus)

It's just a love song
Cause everybody needs a friend
And I'll be right here for you
It's just a simple prayer
It's from the bottom of my heart
That he'll never let you go

(repeat chorus 2x)

It's just a love song

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