Well, it's just not the things we're used to down here
I mean, they come in and they sit down, and
And we're not used to 'em sittin' down beside us
And I wasn't raised with 'em, I never have lived with 'em
And I'm not gonna start now

Art is in motion, look around
At the everyday people in the everyday towns
Love is an ocean as deep as the sky
Gotta keep our arms open or we're never gonna fly

Yeah, it's a tragedy
All the hate I see
Am I left to be
A slave to history
Love's our common ground
Yeah, my skin is brown
Ain't no sweeter sound
Walls are tumblin' down

I can't deny it overwhelms
That changin' your world is changin' yourself
You can't tell me that you've already tried
Cause we're never gonna shine until we swallow our pride

(repeat chorus)

[During the weeks...]
[I love people]
[I wasn't raised with 'em]
[I never have lived with 'em]
[And I'm not gonna start now]
[I'm sorry, I'm sorry]
[Our management does not allow us to serve]
[Does not allow us to serve niggers in here]
[This is sleepin' in a dangerous...]
[Love, oh love]

(repeat chorus)

The questions in you are the questions in me
And I'm no closer to answers than you are to me
If we just believe then we all can be free

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